Wednesday, December 28, 2005


After christmas in San Diego it was time to move on to the bright lights of Vegas....the drive took about two hours more than expected due to xmas traffic but (thanks to Michaels all american driving) we arrived eventually.
Vegas is great, its so tacky but I love it. Greg, Michael and I stayed in the pyramid in the luxor, v. nice rooms. We somehow managed to get free tickets to see Dame Edna, I suspect its due to being Aussie (note the american accent there), which was a good show but I feel bad for all those poor tourists who forked out $80 to see it. We also, god nows how managed to only spend $20 each on gambling, not because we are cheap but there were so many other great things to of which is going on a roller coaster on the top of a tower, which almost ended in tears, but we all kissed and made up and had fun at the top.
Sadly now I must kiss the boys goodbye and head off to NY to meet up with Jo who is over here for new years (now living in Guernsey).

This is the luxurious LUXOR that we stayed in, good job it has a bright light at the top so we could find our way home.
The bright lights of Las Vegas Blvd, crazy place!
The Stratosphere Tower...see those red lights on the top thats a roller-coaster, yikes.
...and this is the view from the roller-coaster, so many more times scary than a big one on the ground.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Kissmas in San Diego

We hit the road for an all american road trip from LA to San Diego for xmas at Natalie and Terry's place (friends of Michaels) and somehow I drew the short straw and ended up driving...I may have gone slowly but those freeways are scary. Xmas finally arrived and they put on quite a feast for us tourists, with probably the biggest turkey I have ever seen cant imagine what it must have been fed....followed by pressie opening where I think Greg probably scored the best (stupid pineapples). The following night we got into some fancy Mexican tequilla which was very yummy, dont think I'll ever drink cheap stuff again.

Suz attempting to drive on the wrong side of the road.
Of course we had to have xmas pressies. and look at this great kissmas tree in San Diego at Kess and Terry's place.
Oh my god are you alright!

Hollywood with the Stars

We left Hawaii in style....
and arrived in Hollywood with more style.

A quick stroll through Rodeo Drive was all we could afford
and Beverly Hills was full of too many expensive cars.

Conference activities

This is my talk at PacificChem conference, dont I look professional!
...And this is us all working really hard in Waikiki.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sunset Beach

15 foot waves at Sunset beach on the north shore ....oh and some romantik moments with the boys!

DrG and Mikey

...dont forget to check out more pickies at

Hanauma Bay Snorkelling

Snorkelling at possibly the most tourist infested place I have ever been to, however once they finally let us get into the water after promising not to drown it was lovely.

Michael and I look very classy in snorkelling gear as you can see!

Also check out Simons pictures
there are some really amusing ones of the waterslide park

Waikiki Beach

The lovely view from the greg and michael penthouse, looking over Waikiki Beach, where we have spent many nights watching the sunset in hawaian style.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Spiegeltent

Went to The Spiegeltent last week and saw 'La Clique'....and I think the paper put it perfectly.
"Its the place where circus meet vaudeville and it never has been, could never be, sexier"

The two german acrobatic brothers look like they are joined at the hip, and well what can I say about the 'hide the hankie' act...hmmm!