Thursday, January 04, 2007

....more exciting things in Sydney

A whole week in Sydney and lots of things to do (other than catch up with rellies, poor Marty!). Managed to fit in some rockclimbing with Matt and Freida and with Jrod. A quick drive around the northern beaches which had some really big waves, a lovely but tiring walk around west head and a catch-up with Kirsten and Chami in their new house where Marty took a lots and lots of pickies of their new puppy!

Top: Marty, Matt and Freida rockclimbing
Bottom: Great waves at DeeWhy, Mum and Dad at Westhead, Kirsten and Chami's cute doggie!

How exciting NYE.......

Oh my gosh this was the best new years ever....look at the view we had (and the sexy photos Martiman took!). We had a fantastic picnic in the Botanical gardens (specially people only allowed...) courtesy of mum and sat back, relaxed and enjoyed :)

Xmas bbq at the Nevilles

A quick catch up with the Sydney boys and Girls (Xina all the way from Japan, Dr G and Mikey before their overseas adventures, Jrod in the midst of writing up and Kathy just being Kathy)

Clockwise: All of us eating again, Greg and Jrod, Keep on trying Mikey.....

Neville Xmas in Melbourne

Mum, Dad, Matt and Freida made the long car journey down to Melbourne for Xmas.....we ate and drank our way around the world with lots of yummy delicious creations.

The Xmas activities (clockwise): Suz and Marty, Frieda and Mum modelling the latest xmas fashion whilst opening presents. Suz stuffing herself on rasberry souffle, the souffle and Matt checking out his beer collection from around the world.

The pre and post xmas actitivites (clockwise): Mum and Matt, and Dad at the Mornington Peninsula, Mum and Dad getting lost in a really cool hedge maze. Matt and Freida at a yummy Chinese restaurant, the fam posing in Melbourne, Rudolph at the Museum.