Thursday, February 23, 2006

more adventures

Oh my god, off to Tassie tomorrow for the overland track how exciting...get ready for some fantastic photos in two weeks!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Cat Empire

Here are some really bad quality but quite creative photos of The Cat Empire at The Prince of Wales, St Kilda....some pre-concert mug shots....and some fantastic sunset pickies . All of which I should mention were taken on Lilli's phone, gee how did us eighties/nineties kiddies survive in the pre-mobile phone era?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aussie Day

...decided finally to have some people over to my new place in Elwood for a Aussie Day/unofficial house warming. Unfortunately I forgot to put in a request with the weather-man so we ended up with a 40 degree day, which as we soon discovered is not the best conditions for a BBQ...however we did find relief (with the other hundreds of melbournians) at Elwood beach.
the girls feeling much better after a swim...the fishman...can you believe these pickies were taken on a phone!the BBQ master!

Chucking things around Sydney....

Well...back to Sydney again for me, this time the main even was to watch Marty chuck things around at Homebush (translation: competing in shotput and discus at the Nationals) with a side aim of 'meet the parents'. Marty came seventh in both shot and discus and we got to see Shervo throw a tantrum :), the parents seem to approve, and we even managed to fit in some touristy stuff!

Marty throwing the discusme and the fam. watching the athleticsoh how cute!suz and mumtourist stuff!