Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Off with the boys to Adelaide

Holiday time again...this time to Adelaide, with me and six boys. You may very well ask why and now that I've been there I agree, what a ghost town it was difficult to even find a pub that was open!

Day 1: Barrossa Valley Wine Tasting - Dont we just look like a bunch of wine experts!

Day 2:
A hung over game of footie with the boys - dont let them tell you I cant play look at this professional catching style and determination...

Day 3: Road trip to Glen Elg - Unlike the city this place actually had an atmosphere and people...and who might this be?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

sydney invades melbourne

Jarrod (skinny flat white) and Mark (innocent honours student!) have infiltrated my house for the past week on a 'work' holiday. My lovely clean house is now officially warmed including a lovely red wine stain on the carpet and a redecorated bathroom, for which the picture below only shows the beginnings of....I assure you I wasnt grinning that much by the next morning :(

We also managed to take my not so new car for a spin around the bay to the Mornington Peninsular and owing to excessive but predicable VIC storms had to resort to hanging out in wineries for hours :)