Thursday, June 21, 2007

yay for Adam!

Congrat's Adam....its about time!

moving, moving, moving

OMG are you alright Marty? Well all moved out of Forest Hill now and my life if packed up into boxes and stuffed into a 2 x 3 m storage stop Europe....then new house :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

varmen (high temperature)

My boss who is staying in Denmark at the moment forwarded this email to me, it was sent from the head of school there. By the way it was 25 degree's!

"Kære Alle

På grund af varmen beder Institutlederen jer alle huske på at drikke rigeligt med vand o.lign., og når det er muligt at komme udenfor og køle ned."

"Dear everyone

The Head of department wants to remind you to drink plenty of water etc. in this hot weather and when it is possible to go outside to cool down."

Monday, June 11, 2007

Matts Graduation

Congrats Matt....well the last of the Neville's have got there BSc from Usyd now! I know this is pretty pathetic but we counted up 5 BSc's, 3 hons(chem), 1 Masters(chem) and a PhD between us. I think we are keeping the BSc degree afloat.

Apart from the worst weather you could ever want to have on your Graduation, consisting of being constantly pelted with freezing cold wind and rain, it was a fun afternoon. The random weather actually made it more exciting as each outing was an adventure trying not to get blown away.