Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sydney vs Melbourne

There was an article in The Age last weekend giving a travel guide on Sydney. The writter evidently does not like Sydney which shone through loud and clear in the negative undertone of the article. The only positive thing he/she had to say was that Sydney has better drivers, which by the way, I agree with but thats besides the point.

What really baffles me is the line "....we are supposed to snear at Sydney with the equal sneerability Sydney applies to us." Since moving to Melbourne I have gathered that this is a very common notion, however every Sydneysider I have ever spoken too doesnt really mind Melbourne (or Melbournians) and indeed quite like the city??? Where has this one sided distain for Sydney come from?

Anyway, from my point of view you shouldnt even try to compare the two cities because they are so different in size, location and atmosphere...I think their both great and Melbournians should get over it and enjoy!!!

Sydney: emerald-city-or-zircon-town?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bar at Buena Vista

Another last minute invitation....went to 'her majesty's theatre' to see a cuban music and dance show. Wasnt sure what to expect but its a mix of music, dance and theatre, they had everyone up and dancing at the end. Thoroughly recommended!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

catching up #4 - Mt Bulla

Yes I am in Melbourne to work but I cant say no to a ski trip, so when the opportunity came up I kindly asked if two days off work would be OK....evidently it was.

We stayed at the Monash Uni lodge at Mt Bulla just a short stroll from the ski lifts. The first day was great I decided to have a lesson to remind myself how it all works and after that all was fine. I didnt have too many stacks, however, to be perfectly honest I didnt really go fast enough to crash too hard. The second day it was almost a blizzard and by lunch time they shut down the lifts and that was the end of that...

catching up #3 - Connect conference Sydney

Back to Sydney for a week for a conference...I gave a talk which went well but the best part was definitely the socialising. The conference dinner was a blast, starting with three of us up on stage singing with the band, and ending at the Casino at some early hour of the morning. Another night we had a dinner in China town and three of us decided at some point in time to stay out all night and ended up watching the sunrise over the Opera house. So there were many headaches at the conference but all in all it was great fun!

catching up #2 - melbourne here I am

So I packed my bags, hopped on a lovely Qantas plane and arrived shortly at the not so sunny Melbourne ready to start my new job. It took me a few weeks to find a place to live but ended up in Elwood with a nice unit only a short stroll from the bay.

catching up #1 - the big move

So for this evenings topic for catching up on recent events I will start from the beginning...

In the beginning there was my farewell party at DarBar in Glebe. We all stuffed ourselves with Indian food and drank and were merry. It was a bit strange though having friends from so many different parts of my life there, but we all managed.

check out my new wheels

So I finally got myself a car, but not just any car a brand new sp23 mazda in my favourite colour!
I can just see now that there will be many road trips ahead and I may have to readjust my social
habits and become the designated driver.