Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I havent put any movie reviews on here before but Borat has hit a nerve with me. I'm shocked that this movie has been getting good reviews and it takes alot to shock me! ....Borat is totally and uterly disgusting, racist in everyway possible and offensive! I can see the point of the film but here is the line ___ and he well and truely crossed it. I hope he does get sued by every American, Jew, gay, female etc. person out there.
It gets no stars from me....

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bordeaux in Winter...

Well another exciting trip to Bordeaux, cant say the weather/atmosphere was as spectacular as last time during the summer/ bordeaux wine festival/world cup finals...but who can compete with that. This trip consisted of baguettes, canelles (a specialty from Bordeaux, yum yum), intricate naughty creations from the patiserie and fiascos with our one attempted day of being tourists at St Emillion.

Here are a few pickies (clockwise)...Suz with Baguette, Jo eating delicious chocolate breakfast, Suz and Jo (awww), Greg and Natasha strolling around town, Greg checking out the heights in St Emillion, and Suz and Jo again doing what Europe is good for.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

How Exciting - Moving House

Well the time has come to say my good byes to Elwood and move onto bigger things....the parents decided to come and visit on the weekend of my move (how kind) and with the help of them and my personal muscular removalist (aka. Martiman) the move was all too easy. Oh and dont let me forget to mention the fantastic sparkling new removal truck from Thrifty with a cool hydrolic lift at the back that provided many hours of entertainment for Dad and Marty...boys, boys, boys!
'The Truck'The boys playing with 'the truck'
My handy helper

......and the new house, happy housing to me!

A Day in Brisbane

Here are a few pickies from my one and only day in Brisbane for a med interview....still havent heard if I got in? I had a few hours to kill before flying back to wonder around town, think I may have seen all the sites now! not that I'm saying there is anything wrong with Brisbane, its just not very exciting....OK I'll stop now before I dig a bigger hole.