Friday, April 21, 2006

Wilsons Prom

Marty, Adam and I spent the Easter weekend tramping (yes NZ word I know!) around the Wilsons are some happy snappies of our adventures. We intended it to be a nice and relaxing trip but ended up walking around 50k's in 3 days, some were less happy about that than others...however, I claim that the VIC parks people cant measure distances correctly. Somehow, according to their signs walking, to the lighthouse is a few km's longer than the way back, even though its along the same path hmmmm.
There were fires through the park this time last year caused (so I hear) by back-burning gone awry, very awry! falling asleep on the job is alright in some occupations but not this one. Anyway, we spent most of the time walking through the burnt section of the park but the up side is that the water views are much improved.
nice tights!
an exhausted Suz after the lighthouse journey

wow the new and improved view...
and the infamous lighthouse.South point...funnily enough like the name sounds its the southern most point in Australia

Our lovely campsite at Roaring Meg...which I havent decided if the name is from the roaring trickle of a creek or the roaring wind that threatened to bring trees into our tent. Oh and look my nice new blue tent isnt it lovely!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Melbourne zoo

I was a bit hesitant about what Melbourne zoo would have to offer, not that I think Sydney zoo is that fantastic (except for the view) but my experience of zoos around the world shows that the smaller the town the worse the zoo. However, all the animals looked nice and healthy and came out to are some snap shots of the aminals! I would love to claim that I could take such good pickies myself but sadly not, they are all by Marty with his snazzy camera. However, as I was there when he took then maybe I can claim 'artistic influence'.

This is the only animal I really wanted to let out of its cage, it looked so sad!This (kangaroo of some sort) has to win the weirdest animal award...I do have to say though that its fur looked nice and soft and warm.

OK, I dont know what these monkeys are on but I want some!