Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skiing and snowboarding

Appart from lots of eating and drinking in Verbier we managed to fit in a week of skiing/snowboarding...Marty tried snowboarding for the first time, very funny but unfortunatly he picked it up a little fast that I did the first time so I couldnt laugh at him for too long. The snow was fantastic and even kindly topped itself up midweek :) The only problem was that it was reeeeallly cold in the mornings (-10 deg) so we couldnt spend whole days out there, but hey when youve got a week then no worries.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bonne Noel with Jo and Gareth

....two weeks in Verbier, Switzerland for Noel, ah what a hard life. Thanks Jo and Gareth for having a lovely house in the mountains. We had a lovely banquet xmas dinner with all the Chandlers and friends followed by a bright and early fall from the sky...

...our pressie from Jo and Gareth on xmas morning, "parapenting" if your French or "paragliding" otherwise...totally amazing, take off on skis pointing straight down hill was a tad daunting but once we were up there, no problems...flying into the mist in the valley was unreal. Unfortunately the camera was broken on Marty's turn so there is no evidence that he didnt chicken out at the last minute!