Thursday, December 18, 2008

...climbing climbing climbing!

So when we first rocked up to the climbing gym (salle d'escalade) in Bordeaux this is the conversation we had (n.b. it was/is in Frenglish).

S & M: Bonjour, we are new a Bordeaux and would like to climb.
Man behind counter: d'accor, 10 euro each SVP.
S & M: (think bubble: "maybe he doesnt realise we havent been here before") Donc, do we have to fill out some forms.
Man behind counter: No, just 10 euro each.
S & M: OK, huh!

So in Australia, you have to fill out a billion forms signing your life away, go through a long and boring test that you know how to belay and climb up a wall etc. In France, they assume that if you are at a climbing gym you know how to climb, and if not then "French shrug", thats your problem!

Oh and even better, you can belay with whatever device you want and take down the ropes to lead climb as you please.....ah Je t'aime France!