Friday, October 19, 2007

Backyard Blitz

wow lots of weeds can grow in two Marty got the 'very concentrated' weed killer out for some extreme, heavy handed murdering of onion weed. Hopefully next weekend they will be ready for digging. Man this is a big back yard, what have we got ourselves into...oh well should be fun :)

Visiting Dr G in Chicago

Well another sucessful trip to Chicago for "work" hosted by Dr G and KWC/PK (thanks guys!)
We had some very sucessful shopping trips due to the fantastic exchange rate and the ridiculous 75% off sales....saw the Blue Man Group perform a very strange but fun show....taste tested lots of American beers "Sam Adams" in particular, I think Im now converted...unfortunately the fun all had to end when beamtime started, but we got lots of good results so YAY!

The Bristol Club...well known for their iced coffees and mexican delights.
New shoes on display at the APS....very yummy margharitas at Mi Hacienda!Some pretty results at the synchrotron...if you dont get it then just soak in the pretty colours.