Wednesday, November 14, 2007

wilsons prom adventures

Out and about I really have a job, I certainly feel like this year has been a joke.

Just got back from a four day hiking adventure at Wilsons prom with a large group of 11 people...while its fun having so many people along, its pretty hard to get 11 people moving each day! Fantastic weather the whole time, we even manged to go swimming each day which is quite a feat considering how far south we were.

The only downfall of such nice weather is the hordes of snakes out and about, which if you are into such wild life may be good but in my case I was not so impressed. We saw lots of new birdies, including my favourite so far a pair of gang-gang cockatoo's.

Note: never bring a pommie along with a bb-gun when possums are about (unless you are in NZ)...