Thursday, August 18, 2011

New House

Suz and Marty decided it was time to upgrade our house, and also try and find a block of land that wasnt like going hiking just to get to the front door. So after accidently making an offer and having it accepted on a house we looked at we had to rapidly get our old house up to scratch and on the market. Somehow it all turned out fine and we sold our house within one week of having it on the market...yay! We were really stressed about possibly having both houses at the same time, fhewww. And we even managed to sell our old house at top $$ and buy our new place at bottom $$ so couldnt have asked for more.

Here is the new place: Its a 1950's weatherboard place on half and acre but its been completely renovate recently...and it even came with a sheep, her name is Victoria (aka Victor or sheepface)...stay tuned for Martys landscaping adventures!