Friday, January 07, 2011

wow we have been back from France for over a year....

so what has happened in that year.....

- Suz unemployed for six months (almost goes crazy), gets job (CSIRO), stays in job 9 months, gets ARC grant, moves back to Monash...would have been quicker not to go to France and stay at Monash! Also Suz managed to obtain six publications in 2010, which is strange considering she wasnt doing any research.

- Marty still at Monash doing postdoc...think he is aiming to be the first person to do all of undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoc and whatever happens after postdoc, all in the same department. Oh and he did some first year lecturing for the first time.

- Suz and Marty get married...ohhhh....Yarra Valley, Tokar Estate, 9th October 2010. Of course it was the best wedding ever. Wedding version 2 in Sydney the week after to involve the extended family and sydney-ite friends - awesome spit roast! Honeymoon followed in Margaret River, lots of food, lots of drink.

- Suz and Marty spend the entire last year pulling out all the weeds that grew into trees while we were in France. Now we have a veggie patch and the rest is resembling a garden. Marty has developed an unhealthy obsession with talking to his vegetables and growing stupidly large zucchinis.

- Marty decided to become a woodworker, bought all the tools, made two screen doors, a mantle-piece and is half way through building his man-cave (aka wine cellar).

- And thats about it...see I saved time by not updating my blog for a year.


Karena Chapman said...

Must be how you managed to publish 6 papers in 2010.

romanya vizesi said...

thanks for sharing

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