Friday, March 05, 2010

a bit brokded

I always tell people that climbing is a very safe sport and there isnt much chance that you can injure yourself if your sensible. However, Marty decided to prove me wrong and fell off a wall whilst bouldering, indoor climbing mind you and onto a mattress, and broke his ankle. Lucky enough for me I happened to be in Poland at a conference so I didnt get to hear the crack and have to put up with hospitals in French.

So four days in hospital, three screws and a very annoying resin cast later he managed to hobble home. I say hobble as they dont provide crutches at the hospital you have to take yourself to a pharmacy somehow and get them (tres intelligent).

So apart from being a traumatic experience on both our parts we did come out ahead in some ways. Marty managed to get the next two months off work with pay, they even paid him a few weeks once we returned to Aus...dont quite understand. And I learnt the value of living in a country where you can speak the language perfectly, knowing half a language isnt helpful!

Marty in Lourdes getting healed - dont think it worked!