Friday, March 05, 2010

The Dordogne, France

OMG its only 2hrs east of did we not find this region earlier. Gorgeous. More to the point why did none of the Bordeaux-ians tell us about it!!! I'm not usually drawn to winding rivers and castles but this area just has a different feeling about it. I think its because of the underlying history that you can see everywhere.

There are thousands of caves in the rock faces which have Palaeolithic cave paintings (16,000 yrs old). Lascaux is the most famous. Along the cliff faces are hundreds of insets where apparently wooden huts were built so that they were overhanging the water. Unfortunately we didnt get to go into any of the caves as it was the wrong season...but we will definitely go back.

We spent some time in Sarlat, a medieval town in the region...apparently the best in France. And after going there now I would totally agree. Even better we werent there in the peak season so it wasnt full of tourists. This was definitely the best meal of the year!!!