Friday, March 05, 2010

Spain with the parents

We decided to escape France one more time when my parents came to visit to sample the extremely tasty food and wine. You might see a trend here that we spent most of our time searching out food...oops, I blame my parents!

St Jean de Luz, a fantastic seaside town, which is technically in France but has a distinctly Spanish air to it. First stop, lunch...muscles...delicious, especially being a seafood town. Then we decided to follow everyone elses lead and go for a siesta - in fact there really is no choice everything is closed until around 7pm. Next of course is dinner - the pictures tell the whole story really, we had seafood paella and seafood Bouillabaisse...if only we weren't so full from lunch!

Vitoria-Gastiez, probably my favourite town in Spain, just so relaxed and friendly - oh and the bestest tapas we have had yet! Marty was in food heaven here.

Re-visited Bilbao and this time actually made it into the Guggenheim instead of just looking at the crazy building from the outside - well worth the visit! The outside of the building is made of billions of Titanium panels to look like fish scales...really looks great.
Then off to San Sebastian, amazing town but way over touristed and full of English people (apparently there's a direct flight from London). But even with all the English folk the beaches look very tempting and the tapas are world renowned...and not suprisingly the worlds best restaurant is here, El Bulli (unfortunately you have to book a year in advance so didnt get to try it out!)